Why is Custom Furniture The Way To Go? 

When it comes to the things in your home, you need to realize that what you have in your home is a reflection of your personality. That is why so many people are turning to custom furniture, in order to furnish their homes and display the unique personality that they have in the place that they live. Below you will find some reasons that custom furniture is the best way to go.

You get to Pick Your Own Style

When you decide to go with custom furniture, you can have it made in any style that you choose. The furniture that you design will be all about you, and no one else will have it. Choosing your own style ensures that the […]

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Key Dining Room Measurements for Interior Design

Consider style, function and furniture shapes and sizes to plan a dining space that will let you entertain with ease

Live Edge Table: Fall in Love with Live Edge Tables

Enliven your home with a do-it-yourself project is cost saving if you know how the basic steps in creating a stylish live edge table. More homemakers are learning carpentry by reading books or search online on how to do it without the help of their spouses.    Or simply contact Refined Elements for wonderfully crafted finished products.  You will fall in love with the stunning result and everyone will truly appreciate the natural beauty of our slabs & finished pieces. Coffee table, dining table and conference table look stunning with an old or wood table leg or you may buy stainless table legs.

Advantages of Using Live Edge Table
Tables made of live edge wood are great for your dining room, living […]

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Crotch Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table w Curly Maple Joinery

We’ve been purchasing and cutting crotch walnut logs for our live edge coffee tables and furniture.   This is our first “gunstock” themed coffee table which is actually immediately available to customers.  We had a little fun with this one and added contrasting curly maple bowtie joinery.   The walnut slabs are mirrored which creates a new offsetting appeal to the eye.  There are no fasteners connecting the top, we would not insult George Nakashima like that! Base is polished steel, modern design. Nothing too crazy as the top is the focal point.   Crotch cut slabs such as these are not normally offered to the public due to the high value in the rifle and shotgun industry, normally seen […]

Bookmatch Walnut Dining Table w Elliptical Stainless Base

This table now sits with one of our fantastic clients in Colorado.  It is 120″ long x 52″ wide x 2-1/4″ thick.  This is the second base we produced in 2014.  It is a Refined Elements exclusive design and quite an impressive base.   It is a handmade, sculpted work of art.  This base and table weighs near 700 lbs.  The base is 52″ long x 28″ wide.   Considering the width, the table still maintain excellent ergonomics for 95% of the population.  The top is a bookmatched walnut set that is highly figured with what appears to be a “wood angel” in the center of the table.  We added 3 functional bowties (1-1/2″ thick) to ensure the table is […]

Key measurements for planning the perfect dining room

Key Measurements for Planning the Perfect Dining Room

Elliptical Stainless Base

I’m proud to announce the we are working on a new base design. It is coming together nicely and this particular base will be partnered with a black walnut top that is 144″ long x 44″ wide. We expect to offer this base style in two different design options – rectangular & elliptical. The base is constructed from 304 series stainless with 1/4″ plate. It weighs ~300 lbs. When fully assembled with support frame & base plate, the entire assembly with weigh over 500 lbs!  The ellipse is 4 feet wide x 20″ deep.  This is one impressive work of art.