FAQ Page

Pricing is project dependent. We commonly produce dining tables in the range of $8,000 – $10,000. It is highly material and design dependent.   For budget conscious clients, we’ve been able to deliver wonderful pieces as low as $2000 while on the other extreme we’ve produced $15,000 residential dining tables for less budget conscious clients. Either way, compared to other companies, we believe we offer the best value found anywhere in the US considering our designs, materials, craftsmanship, customer service and unwavering attention to detail.

*Please give us a call or email and speak directly with the owner, Devin Ginther. He is happy to offer solutions to meet a specific budget.

We commonly purchase American Black Walnut, Pecan, White Oak, Red Oak, Cottonwood, Maple and Elm. We have access to almost any hardwood in the continental US if provided enough time to properly source the material. A lot of our wood is air dried up to 2 years, and we also kiln dry a large percentage of our inventory using the latest humidity and temperate digital controls in a closed chamber. It generally takes a minimum of 12 months to have slabs in ready to work condition (8-12% moisture content) once a tree is felled. It is common for this process to take 2-3 years. As such, we are constantly purchasing logs, milling and drying wood to maintain our inventory. Additionally, we have exclusive partnerships with 3 sawmills across the United States to support our inventory and to ensure we can offer a variety of wood for our next client request.  

As sponsoring members of the Forest Guild and supporters of the Forest Stewardship Council (FS), We practice sustainable forestry practices. It is absolutely imperative that everyone is following responsible forest practices so these natural treasures can be enjoyed for generations to come.

If you can dream it, we can design and build it. We are always seeking new challenges and new ways to doing things. Some of our designs may look familiar, but it is the fine detail that sets us apart from the live edge design crowd.

We offer an array of design services from design consultation on residential and commercial construction projects to concept design with our clients. We love the challenge of providing completely novel designs but are also happy to produce designs provided by our clients on napkin drawings or links to web images.

For commissioned projects, our design work is included as part of the scope of work required for project completion. We use various CAD software programs to design our concepts and provide PDFs for iterative design with our clients. We are one of the few live edge design firms that offers this level of customer support and technical know-how.

In many ways, we are no different than a major product design company. We frequently use our engineering drawings as input into CNC controlled equipment for mill work, router work, laser cutting and water jet cutting. We incorporate the use of modern technology as much as possible while never turning a blind eye to traditional wood working and fabrication.

A lot of our designs fall into modern contemporary so we combine live edge lumber with a variety of materials from metals to ceramics to glass. More specifically, we commonly work with mild and stainless steel to more exotic metals such as brass, bronze and copper. We use electroplating technology to create metal finishes such as chrome, nickel, brass, and copper. We also provide a variety a patina finishes such as oxidized copper, burnished bronze, blackened steel, and antique brass.  

We source our materials from a variety of geographic locations across all major regions of the continental US. This allows us a great variety of species and also ensures our inventory is constantly being replenished with only the best quality lumber. We work with over a dozen tree service companies in the US who are felling diseased or hazard prone trees. We save these logs and re-purpose these trees into beautiful works of arts. We are involved in all aspects of our supply chain from felling to slabbing and milling to drying to detailed woodworking.