Walnut Stainless Dining Table

///Walnut Stainless Dining Table
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Project Description

Walnut Dining Table w/ Stainless Ellipse Base

Project Description:

Modern Walnut Dining Table with straight line edges and custom sculpted stainless elliptical base.   The walnut top is 144″ long x 48″ wide x 2-1/2″ thick.   This is one of our most popular bases which is hand formed, polished and buffed in-house by Refined Element artisans.  This base is sculpted from 1/4″ and 1/2″ stainless plate and weighs almost 500 lbs.   For this particular client, we buffed it to a #7 mill finish or semi-bright.   As much an art piece as functional furniture to be enjoyed for generations.

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