There are numerous ways to the lumber from trees are put to use.  Unfortunately, the great majority of diseased or hazard prone trees are mulched, used as pulp, left to rot or even burned.   Our focus in sustainability and re-purposing this timber to create art forms for your home or business.     Why let nature’s art go to waste?   Live edge slabs are great for woodworking, woodcraft and DIY uses.  Wood slabs are longitudinal slices typically cut from wide diameter tree trunks.   Once refined into various furniture forms, they make perfect decorating companions to showcase your decorative pieces.   We’ve even seen them used a stand alone art pieces against the wall.  All it takes is a little creativity and the end result is destined to be the centerpiece of your home.   We produce very high-end furniture with highly figured wood, but we also offer our custom milled & dried slabs directly to the public.

Wood Slabs

Uses of Wood Slabs

Natural live edge wood slabs offer vast usage to hobbyist and DIY homemakers. There are unlimited options to choose on how you can make them into your next project.  You don’t have to hire a skilled craftsman or a carpenter to mount them onto your existing table base or an old sewing machine base.    We can help with planing & even joining to simplify things.   Here are suggestions on how to use the slabs:

  • Countertop
  • Tabletop
  • Dining table
  • Headboard
  • Console table
  • Desk
  • Office table
  • Side table
  • Wall art
  • Garden table
  • Coffee Table
  • Vanity

How We Can Help Your Project with Wood Slabs

If you are seeking live edge furniture, rustic furniture and sustainable furniture and are on a top budget, consider buying your material for us.   We are happy to provide tips and points.   You can buy a completely rough slab with saw marks for a rustic look or we can surface the slab.    The smaller pieces that make great console tables, buffet tops, entertainment center stands or coffee tables can be managed by most anyone.  If you are too busy to make your own furniture out of these materials, you can buy them from Refined Elements. There is a wide array of wood furniture choice from Refined Elements that is known for their world-class workmanship.

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