Project Description

Walnut Conference Table w/ Blackened Stainless “Y” Base

Project Description:

This is a very large 3-piece walnut conference table with a very heavy duty blackened stainless base.  The base was designed and produced in-house at our Dripping Springs, TX shop.   We started with a very heavy piece of 2″ x 8″ stainless steel with a 1/4″ thick wall!    The massive 20 foot long, tubular rectangular stainless weighed over 200 lbs in raw form!    The stainless was carefully burnished and polished to an even sheen before receiving our blackened, gunmetal patina process.   The stainless is chemically etched and then heated up with an oxy-acetylene touch to create the darkened, gunmetal finish on stainless steel.  

The walnut top was produced from a log salvaged near Boulder, CO in 2013.   Yes, our tree salvage work does extent beyond Texas at times as we have built very strong relationships across the entire United States with like-minded arborists, tree service companies and sawyers.  The log was actually found near a river bed after a large flood and to our surprise it ended up being walnut!   Unfortunately the log had a difficult life prior to our re-birthing efforts.    It was in very rough condition with quite of bit of spiral cracking that needed to be addressed once the log was milled and slabs properly dried.   After an immense amount of work, we were able to produce this functional art piece.   We’ve been labeled as producing the finest “perfectly imperfect “furniture in Texas!   We take what nature provides to us and work to produce truly unique furniture with a focus on leveraging all the natural characteristics in re-purposed, live edge lumber.   So the natural imperfections end up defining the beauty and the distinctiveness of this rare style of furniture.  The color, figuring and natural voids give it a unique, natural organic appeal.   Just another example of what can be done from fallen and diseased trees using the proper techniques and a lot of fine detailed work!   


Refined Elements specializes in Naturally Inspired Furniture Design and follows a "Tree to Home" concept. We physically salvage dead or dying trees across Texas and many other states. We own & operate the TX Urban Sawmill which directly supports turn-key tree reuse projects & supplies high quality wood slabs and Texas hardwood lumber. We produce some of the finest quality Live Edge Furniture, Natural Edge Furniture, Dining Tables, Walnut Furniture, Pecan Furniture, Mesquite Furniture, Texas Handmade Furniture, Native Texas Hardwood Furniture, Texas Furniture, Natural Edge Tables, Reclaimed Furniture, Live Edge Tables, Live Edge Dining Tables, Live Edge Conference Tables, Live Edge Wood, Wood Slabs, Walnut Slabs, Shelves, Countertops and Solid Wood Furniture products found anywhere in the United States.