Project Description

Walnut Table w/ Omega Nickel Modern Base

Project Description:

This modern walnut dining table is just another great example of what has become our specialty as Texas’ Finest Live Edge furniture maker.   This particular walnut dining table resides in a beautiful Santa Barbara, CA home overseeing the valley.   The top was created from a matching set of bookmatch walnut slabs.   Sometimes people refer to them as “brother” or “sister” pairs.   The grain pattern creates a matching mirror image along the center line of the joint.   Most guests do not even realize our bookmatched table tops are created from two matching sets!   Many believe our tops were created from one massive, single slab.   You know you are joining your slabs correctly when this is the reaction.   The base is made in collaboration with a small forge located in Massachusetts and proudly a USA handmade product.   The Omega base is formed using a 100% solid cast iron form.  Once cast, the base is then plated in nickel.   We also offer a bronze plating and a pure cast iron form.      

As I hope you can see, we go to great extends to build what we feel are some of the finest live edge pieces found anywhere in the world.    We really enjoy working upfront in the process with our customers to ensure we are producing pieces of furniture that will be enjoyed for decades and ideally future generations of the family.   

Refined Elements specializes in Naturally Inspired Furniture Design and follows a "Tree to Home" concept. We physically salvage dead or dying trees across Texas and many other states. We own & operate the TX Urban Sawmill which directly supports turn-key tree reuse projects & supplies high quality wood slabs and Texas hardwood lumber. We produce some of the finest quality Live Edge Furniture, Natural Edge Furniture, Dining Tables, Walnut Furniture, Pecan Furniture, Mesquite Furniture, Texas Handmade Furniture, Native Texas Hardwood Furniture, Texas Furniture, Natural Edge Tables, Reclaimed Furniture, Live Edge Tables, Live Edge Dining Tables, Live Edge Conference Tables, Live Edge Wood, Wood Slabs, Walnut Slabs, Shelves, Countertops and Solid Wood Furniture products found anywhere in the United States.