Project Description

Texas Pecan Slab Table

Project Description:

Texas Wood Slab Pecan Dining Table with our in-house custom build steel base that was finished out with our antique black patina.  This is a genuine Texas Furniture Dining Table as we used salvaged Texas pecan lumber.  Our sister company, the TX Urban Sawmill, saved this tree which had died from drought.   Once milled and properly dried, we were given the opportunity to give this Texas re-purposed tree new life and a new home in Austin.   This entire internal process usually takes us anywhere from 12 months up to 24 months typically.   We sometimes refer to it as “Tree to Home” furniture.   Please do not let that timing scare you!   Our furniture client only had to wait 6 weeks from the initial selection of the pecan live edge slab and after signing off on the 3D CAD rendering of the custom designed industrial steel base.   

The base itself is very unique.   It was build in-house at our Dripping Springs, TX production shop and sawmill.  We used 1-1/2″ solid steel plate as the footer of the base.   This allowed us to gain a very low center of gravity.    So the footer at the floor is only 12″ wide x 32″ long!   Why is this an design advantage?   Regardless of where you are seated, you have an abundance of leg room.   Human Factor Design or Industrial Design is always weighted heavily for anything we design.    

To maintain our client’s budget, we selected mild steel as the base material.   We cleaned up all the surfaces and seamlessly TIG welded the entire base before final finish out with our antique black finish.    We also offer a variety of patina colors / finishes.  Not to mention, we commonly work with stainless steel and bronze.   We are the only furniture business, not only in Texas, but across the entire United States that creates custom billet steel, stainless and bronze bases entirely in-house.

Refined Elements specializes in Naturally Inspired Furniture Design and follows a "Tree to Home" concept. We physically salvage dead or dying trees across Texas and many other states. We own & operate the TX Urban Sawmill which directly supports turn-key tree reuse projects & supplies high quality wood slabs and Texas hardwood lumber. We produce some of the finest quality Live Edge Furniture, Natural Edge Furniture, Dining Tables, Walnut Furniture, Pecan Furniture, Mesquite Furniture, Texas Handmade Furniture, Native Texas Hardwood Furniture, Texas Furniture, Natural Edge Tables, Reclaimed Furniture, Live Edge Tables, Live Edge Dining Tables, Live Edge Conference Tables, Live Edge Wood, Wood Slabs, Walnut Slabs, Shelves, Countertops and Solid Wood Furniture products found anywhere in the United States.