A Guide to Basic Rustic Décor

There is nothing like rustic furniture and a basic rustic décor to set off a beach house, cabin, or city apartment that needs a little more warmth and coziness. While decorating your home in a rustic décor can be fun, there are a few points that you will want to remember before you begin your shopping. You should first think about the type of design you want, the type of rustic furniture, and the lighting, flooring, and accessories you are going to need. Read on below for a guide to decorating in rustic décor. Styles of Rustic Décor There are many different styles of rustic décor to choose from. Rustic décor can be incorporated into any space, whether it is [...]

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Why is Custom Furniture The Way To Go? 

When it comes to the things in your home, you need to realize that what you have in your home is a reflection of your personality. That is why so many people are turning to custom furniture, in order to furnish their homes and display the unique personality that they have in the place that they live. Below you will find some reasons that custom furniture is the best way to go. You get to Pick Your Own Style When you decide to go with custom furniture, you can have it made in any style that you choose. The furniture that you design will be all about you, and no one else will have it. Choosing your own style ensures [...]

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The Soul, Art & Craftsmanship in High Value Natural Live Edge Furniture

I often get emails or calls from interested parties about the process of building our custom live edge furniture. In fact, in the last month I spoke with 3 individuals who inquired about raw walnut slab purchases with the intention of starting a natural edge furniture business like Refined Elements. When I receive this type of call, I always ask about their motivation and interests before providing them with my insights and experiences. Sadly, the typical response has little to do with the "love of the game", but it is centered around the opportunity to sell $10,000 - $20,000 furniture pieces in only a matter of months. If only it were that simple and uninspiring, Refined Elements would be in another line of work or at least I'd back in the biotech[...]

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