Salvaged Urban Tree Creates Amazing Live Edge Table

We salvaged a standing dead Oklahoma walnut tree back in 2014. The log was milled in 2015 and have been drying ever since. We are happy to say these slabs are properly dried and ready for use. This has been a somewhat challenging effort as we've gone to great lengths in order to properly stabilize these slabs. Let it be known, in order to have a proper mechanical fixation using bowties that it is critical the bowtie thickness is at least 50% of the surface thickness. So a 3" thick table top, requires at least a 1.5" thick bowtie. Many woodworkers don't realize this and are providing false sense of security to their clients by making rather shallow bowties that [...]

How to Shop for Urban Furniture

You have finally moved out on your own and are about to start shopping for urban furniture. You have debated quite a bit and decided that you want to go with urban furniture over all of the other options on the market today. Below you will find some tips on how to search for the right urban furniture to complement your new home. Set a Budget The first thing you will want to do when searching for furniture is set your budget. There are many different brands of urban furniture on the market and none of it has the same price. Sit down and decide on the best budget for you and your home furnishing needs. Talk to your spouse [...]

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Why is Custom Furniture The Way To Go? 

When it comes to the things in your home, you need to realize that what you have in your home is a reflection of your personality. That is why so many people are turning to custom furniture, in order to furnish their homes and display the unique personality that they have in the place that they live. Below you will find some reasons that custom furniture is the best way to go. You get to Pick Your Own Style When you decide to go with custom furniture, you can have it made in any style that you choose. The furniture that you design will be all about you, and no one else will have it. Choosing your own style ensures [...]

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What You Should Know about Live Edge Dining Table

Live edge furniture is quickly becoming one of the most popular design choices with home decorators and interior designers. It is furniture commonly crafted out of sustainable or salvaged timbers that retains the natural edge of the wood to bring an organic and natural atmosphere to your home or business. Artisans typically leave the wood in its organic form with organically flowing edges and cracks/knots intact. Live edge dining tables are gaining worldwide acceptance among customers as their design use can be highly versatile from a rustic style to a highly refined modern look. Decorating Your Home with Live Edge Dining Table Guess it is your first time to hear of live edge woodworking. In simple terms, they are furniture [...]

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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Most people opt to buy things and furniture that are made of laminated woods and / or plastic because they are easy inexpensive to manufacturer and much less costly to purchase for the average homeowner.   Problem is, their construction materials and techniques to not typically lend themselves to a lifetime of use.   Cosmetically, they typically look nice from a distance but upon close inspection the craftsmanship or manufacturing techniques are often poor quality. If you are planning to buy furniture for your dining room, you might consider a custom reclaimed wood dining table that will serve as a centerpiece and conversational piece in your home. The Advantages of Buying Reclaimed Wood Dining Table A reclaimed wood dining table is a [...]


The Versatility of Live Edge Wood

There is no other furniture product that can transform your home into a lovely place for winding up. The beauty of wood furniture is long lasting compared to factory manufactured furniture. Celebrity homes are adorned with live edge wood pieces from knick knacks to the coffee table. They look so natural and their simplicity is awesome. Tiny homes, which are popular nowadays, look more attractive if they are added with furniture and cabinets made of this wood type. Reasons to Decorate Your Home with Live Edge Wood Meticulous homemakers would rather look for home furnishings that are authentic and uniquely designed to make their home look elegant. The answer to every homemaker’s decorating woes is none other than live edge [...]

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The Perfect Way to Decorate Your Home Organically w/ Natural Edge Wood Slabs

There are numerous ways to the lumber from trees are put to use.  Unfortunately, the great majority of diseased or hazard prone trees are mulched, used as pulp, left to rot or even burned.   Our focus in sustainability and re-purposing this timber to create art forms for your home or business.     Why let nature's art go to waste?   Live edge slabs are great for woodworking, woodcraft and DIY uses.  Wood slabs are longitudinal slices typically cut from wide diameter tree trunks.   Once refined into various furniture forms, they make perfect decorating companions to showcase your decorative pieces.   We've even seen them used a stand alone art pieces against the wall.  All it takes is [...]

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The Unique Concept of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

There are many ways to decorate your home with furniture. It does not need special skills to convert an empty space into a comely and captivating area where you receive your guests or spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Reclaimed wood has become a new trend in modern homes, although its concept has been known for years. Reclaimed wood furniture is made of wood salvaged from an old home, a crate, pallets or wood flooring. Environmentalists prefer to buy reclaimed furniture as a fitting tribute to Mother Nature, instead of buying furniture pieces made of virgin products. Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood Furniture is a Must Have Although wood furniture reclaimed from different sources has its downside such as its legitimacy, it [...]

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Handmade Furniture: A Better Option than Factory Manufactured

Homemakers and condo dwellers over the last 10 years have been crazy about overseas factory manufactured furniture products.  The reason is simple: They are ubiquitous, inexpensive and readily available in the market, 24/7. This furniture can be seen at your friend’s or relative’s home and even at less expensive hotels. The moment you enter at the hotel lobby, you see the same sofa that you sit on at home. Most of this furniture cannot withstand a typical use environment for more than 10 years and since they are produced in bulk, factory defects are inevitable.   Why not invest in handmade furniture which is intended to last for generations? Advantage of Buying Handmade Furniture Factory made furniture are appealing to end users [...]

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Why Rustic Furniture is Popular Today

Have you ever wondered how rustic furniture would like in your home?  One of the most popular furniture styles today is rustic furniture, and you will find it adorned in hotels, restaurants and homes. They make every nook and cranny look beautiful with natural and organic elements that bring such warmth and dialog to the interior of a home.  Problem is, some people associate rustic style to a old western saloon, log cabin deep in the woods or country style interior decor.    Well, this couldn't be further from the truth, especially for a Refined Elements piece.   We offer sophisticated rustic furniture which commonly blends modern and contemporary elements in our designs to create truly refined look that can be enjoyed [...]

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