Project Description

Natural Live Edge Walnut Table w/ Leviathan Gold Base

Project Description:

A 10 foot x 54″ wide bookmatched live edge walnut table.    This table was produced from two very large walnut slabs.   The tree was approximately 150 years old and was salvaged by a partner sawmill in Michigan.   The founder of Refined Elements and the TX Urban Sawmill actually manages a family forest in Michigan and frequents Michigan annually.   The walnut dining table was matched with modern gold bases.    These bases were produced in-house starting with solid steel.   We machined the steel to create the “T” shaped pedestal legs.   Finally, once polished we had the legs brass plated and polished to a mirror finish.   Like most our dining tables or conference tables, this is the center piece of the home.   It sits a total of 10 – 12 people depending on the chair arrangements.   Saving Trees, Improving Lives! 

Refined Elements specializes in Naturally Inspired Furniture Design and follows a "Tree to Home" concept. We physically salvage dead or dying trees across Texas and many other states. We own & operate the TX Urban Sawmill which directly supports turn-key tree reuse projects & supplies high quality wood slabs and Texas hardwood lumber. We produce some of the finest quality Live Edge Furniture, Natural Edge Furniture, Dining Tables, Walnut Furniture, Pecan Furniture, Mesquite Furniture, Texas Handmade Furniture, Native Texas Hardwood Furniture, Texas Furniture, Natural Edge Tables, Reclaimed Furniture, Live Edge Tables, Live Edge Dining Tables, Live Edge Conference Tables, Live Edge Wood, Wood Slabs, Walnut Slabs, Shelves, Countertops and Solid Wood Furniture products found anywhere in the United States.