This table now sits with one of our fantastic clients in Colorado.  It is 120″ long x 52″ wide x 2-1/4″ thick.  This is the second base we produced in 2014.  It is a Refined Elements exclusive design and quite an impressive base.   It is a handmade, sculpted work of art.  This base and table weighs near 700 lbs.  The base is 52″ long x 28″ wide.   Considering the width, the table still maintain excellent ergonomics for 95% of the population.  The top is a bookmatched walnut set that is highly figured with what appears to be a “wood angel” in the center of the table.  We added 3 functional bowties (1-1/2″ thick) to ensure the table is stable for decades to come.  We always avoid epoxy fills as over time that will rise about the surface during wood contraction and fall below the surface during wood expansion.  Be there, done that.  It is a poor, short term solution.

Refined Elements - Walnut Ellipse Table

Refined Elements - Hirsch Obase Table5

Refined Elements - Hirsch Nov 2014 036