We’ve been purchasing and cutting crotch walnut logs for our live edge coffee tables and furniture.   This is our first “gunstock” themed coffee table which is actually immediately available to customers.  We had a little fun with this one and added contrasting curly maple bowtie joinery.   The walnut slabs are mirrored which creates a new offsetting appeal to the eye.  There are no fasteners connecting the top, we would not insult George Nakashima like that! Base is polished steel, modern design. Nothing too crazy as the top is the focal point.   Crotch cut slabs such as these are not normally offered to the public due to the high value in the rifle and shotgun industry, normally seen on competition grade guns.  We’ve allocated a percentage of our slabs for furniture while still being an exclusive supplier to gunsmiths.

Refined Element - Gunstock Coffee Table2

Refined Element Gunstock Crotch Coffee2 - Copy

Refined Element Gunstock Crotch Coffee3

Refined Element IMG_5666