Enliven your home with a do-it-yourself project is cost saving if you know how the basic steps in creating a stylish live edge table. More homemakers are learning carpentry by reading books or search online on how to do it without the help of their spouses.    Or simply contact Refined Elements for wonderfully crafted finished products.  You will fall in love with the stunning result and everyone will truly appreciate the natural beauty of our slabs & finished pieces. Coffee table, dining table and conference table look stunning with an old or wood table leg or you may buy stainless table legs.

live edge table

Advantages of Using Live Edge Table

Tables made of live edge wood are great for your dining room, living room and any part of the house. Here are the advantages of decorating your home with a live edge table:

  • Sustainable product with 100% natural finishes.
  • They are durable. This furniture design is made of hardwood. You can tell the age of the wood by looking at the grain, which is visible on its edge.  Our natural finish is easy to re-apply & maintain.
  • They remain stylish.  You can never go wrong with live edge furniture as their style is neutral and complement with most interior designs today.   The natural beauty of the wood is timeless.
  • It is resistant to wear and tear.   No veneers, no cheap MDF or plywood, 100% solid hardwood construction.   REAL American Furniture.   50 years from today, you can guarantee our furniture will be ready for another 50 years of use.   Only the finest quality craftsmanship and construction techniques.

Purchasing Live Edge Table for Your Home

Now that you know the numerous benefits that you can take advantage of with a live edge table, it is time to start your research on a maker.   There are only a handful of reputable live edge, modern contemporary furniture makers, and we will put our furniture against any of them.  In fact, our construction approach, quality of our wood, and expertise in finishing is unmatched.   Why pay $50,000 for a Hudson Furniture Inc or BDDW furniture piece when Refined Elements can crate & freight a better product at a drastic discount?   If you need some help, Refined Elements is home to first class wood furniture that is made of high quality wood created by our skilled artisans.

Call us today 512 762 5898 and let’ see how we can help with your decorating problems.