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The Unique Concept of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

There are many ways to decorate your home with furniture. It does not need special skills to convert an empty space into a comely and captivating area where you receive your guests or spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Reclaimed wood has become a new trend in modern homes, although its concept has been known for years. Reclaimed wood furniture is made of wood salvaged from an old home, a crate, pallets or wood flooring. Environmentalists prefer to buy reclaimed furniture as a fitting tribute to Mother Nature, instead of buying furniture pieces made of virgin products. Reasons Why Reclaimed Wood Furniture is a Must Have Although wood furniture reclaimed from different sources has its downside such as its legitimacy, it [...]

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Handmade Furniture: A Better Option than Factory Manufactured

Homemakers and condo dwellers over the last 10 years have been crazy about overseas factory manufactured furniture products.  The reason is simple: They are ubiquitous, inexpensive and readily available in the market, 24/7. This furniture can be seen at your friend’s or relative’s home and even at less expensive hotels. The moment you enter at the hotel lobby, you see the same sofa that you sit on at home. Most of this furniture cannot withstand a typical use environment for more than 10 years and since they are produced in bulk, factory defects are inevitable.   Why not invest in handmade furniture which is intended to last for generations? Advantage of Buying Handmade Furniture Factory made furniture are appealing to end users [...]

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Why Rustic Furniture is Popular Today

Have you ever wondered how rustic furniture would like in your home?  One of the most popular furniture styles today is rustic furniture, and you will find it adorned in hotels, restaurants and homes. They make every nook and cranny look beautiful with natural and organic elements that bring such warmth and dialog to the interior of a home.  Problem is, some people associate rustic style to a old western saloon, log cabin deep in the woods or country style interior decor.    Well, this couldn't be further from the truth, especially for a Refined Elements piece.   We offer sophisticated rustic furniture which commonly blends modern and contemporary elements in our designs to create truly refined look that can be enjoyed [...]

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Live Edge Cutting Boards, Bread Boards, Cheese Boards

Natural beauty with functional purpose, get your Live Edge Cutting Board, Bread Board or Cheese Board now!   Want a unique product to offer as  a gift or unique to the decor of your home?   We have them as live edge cutting boards, bread boards, serving trays, etc.   At Refined Elements, we specialize in live edge furniture and natural modern furniture, and now you can get a wonderful live edge piece for anywhere from $100 - $250 .   They make unique gifts that are memorable.   All these live edge products are treated with 100% food safe oils and do NOT use epoxy fillers.   They are intended to be used but would also make wonderful decor [...]

The Soul, Art & Craftsmanship in High Value Natural Live Edge Furniture

I often get emails or calls from interested parties about the process of building our custom live edge furniture. In fact, in the last month I spoke with 3 individuals who inquired about raw walnut slab purchases with the intention of starting a natural edge furniture business like Refined Elements. When I receive this type of call, I always ask about their motivation and interests before providing them with my insights and experiences. Sadly, the typical response has little to do with the "love of the game", but it is centered around the opportunity to sell $10,000 - $20,000 furniture pieces in only a matter of months. If only it were that simple and uninspiring, Refined Elements would be in another line of work or at least I'd back in the biotech[...]


Crotch Walnut Live Edge Coffee Table w Curly Maple Joinery

We've been purchasing and cutting crotch walnut logs for our live edge coffee tables and furniture.   This is our first "gunstock" themed coffee table which is actually immediately available to customers.  We had a little fun with this one and added contrasting curly maple bowtie joinery.   The walnut slabs are mirrored which creates a new offsetting appeal to the eye.  There are no fasteners connecting the top, we would not insult George Nakashima like that! Base is polished steel, modern design. Nothing too crazy as the top is the focal point.   Crotch cut slabs such as these are not normally offered to the public due to the high value in the rifle and shotgun industry, normally seen [...]


Bookmatch Walnut Dining Table w Elliptical Stainless Base

This table now sits with one of our fantastic clients in Colorado.  It is 120" long x 52" wide x 2-1/4" thick.  This is the second base we produced in 2014.  It is a Refined Elements exclusive design and quite an impressive base.   It is a handmade, sculpted work of art.  This base and table weighs near 700 lbs.  The base is 52" long x 28" wide.   Considering the width, the table still maintain excellent ergonomics for 95% of the population.  The top is a bookmatched walnut set that is highly figured with what appears to be a "wood angel" in the center of the table.  We added 3 functional bowties (1-1/2" thick) to ensure the table is [...]


120″x50″ Refined Elements Table Top w/ Rosewood Joinery

This is a unique set of slabs that have been beautiful joined to form a solid top that measures 120" long x 44"-50" wide.   This is not technically a bookmatch set with perfect matching grain lines from side to side.  However, it is a set from the same log.   What's really unique is the pronounced coloration of the wood and high degree of figuring.   This top is FOR SALE and can ship quickly.   We can offer a few bases or custom design something exclusive to you!  This top has rosewood bowtie joinery.

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